Something Special

I have been contemplating upon a few things that have come to my notice recently. It’s somewhat disturbing. My news feed is choked up with inspirational quotes about how should one lead his or her life. They do not forget to point out a social issues that are being widely, widely discussed and thought upon. A few eighteenth century writers decided to bring out harmony between human life and simplicity. They should not have done it.

Social media today allows people to voice their concerns and oh-so-noble thoughts. A section of these social men and women suddenly woke up one day and realized what they want to do in life. They look upon their flawed pieces of works and think about how the entire world talks about doing what one loves and other unnecessary things.

Now, there are two kinds of people who at a point of time, think in this manner. There are those who truly wish to do what they like to do. And there are those who do this to impress the hot guy with such great taste in music, that girl with swagger and awesome Spanish and a group of other men and women who have a lot value attached to their names.

These are the people who have made my life hell. A man who was concerned about his family, his people decided to rejuvenate, revive the values of their community. A few like-minded men and women joined him. And they, in a beautiful manner, in a very genuine manner, presented to the world the long lost values and their spiritual benefits. These are special. 

Today, just for the sake of doing it, people are just spitting at each other these values. Oh, it sure is spitting. A bad Photoshop and a fancy font, in a very lame manner, tells us how important it is to love someone truly. And then, another shares a quote. It is about following your heart. So many budding spiritual leaders. It is suffocating. 

I believe in importance of self-assurance and socializing and self-confidence. But just going about it too much just terrifies a person. People are so interested in guiding others today. They want to become an influence. But do they take the responsibility of ill-consequences of their inexperienced influence-exercising? How many of them are even true? 

Every other horrendously idiot teenage now decided to guide me and goes on vomiting on my face about what I should do with my life. A person we trust as our friend just becomes some self-styled leader who wants to take advantage of our confusion and knead our thinking. Well, I should be capable enough of doing such things on my own. 

They talk too much of these values. And most of them are blithering eyesores. It breaks me heart. They don’t need to make a trend out of things that we like to believe in.

I am not a pessimist. I do love to see beautiful things in my life. I too need some sort of guidance. But I am an average person. And so much of inspiration is suffocating. So stop it. Because then, nothing would remain special.

Bhavya K. 


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